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Coated Abrasives use

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Before installation, you should carefully check the sand sheet, to ensure that no damage, voiceless and deformation; Make sure not to exceed the speed of operation of the machine is marked on the sand

Before installation, you should carefully check the sand sheet, to ensure that no damage, voiceless and deformation;

Make sure not to exceed the speed of operation of the machine is marked on the sand sheet or outside the box to maximize speed;

When installing, pay attention to check the flatness of the chuck, the correct diameter and is stuck in place;

The operator at the time of the operation, should bring safety glasses and take appropriate protective measures;

Select the matching device, not be forced to install or change the size of the mounting hole;

The operator at the time of operation, the non-Cutting track idlers standing around;

Before polishing, sand sheet should allow the newly installed commissioning least 30 seconds;

Prior to use, not damage the sand sheet.