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Coated Abrasives product Caution

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Damp: Coated Abrasives in the transport and storage of the process, mainly to prevent the product from moisture or rain was soaking, avoid wet adhesive and sand sheet and affect product quality and

Damp: Coated Abrasives in the transport and storage of the process, mainly to prevent the product from moisture or rain was           soaking, avoid wet adhesive and sand sheet and affect product quality and safety. Workaround: Take moisture-proof, water-proof   measures.

Sun Jian and attenuation: Coated Abrasives production out there is a certain time lag to use, the longer the time, the greater the      product of Sun Jian. Workaround: warehouse must be FIFO.

Bend: There crease marks on the sand or broken pieces workaround: store should avoid stress.

TSO: TSO phenomenon sand sheet appears. Workaround: packaging, handling, storage products in the process to light, avoid        knock injury.