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First.commitment to customer service

Thank you for (Acting) of the company's products.Jinda Electric was established in one of the major manufacturers currently KINGBOX series.nylon coated abrasives volume series; the company's abrasive products meet corporate standards and German MPA quality certification.quality meet or exceed national "three guarantees" requirement.

1.product quality

The nature of our service we need to strictly control all aspects of production.ensure quality of service.reduce consumer concerns about       product quality; we uphold the quality of the first element.a lot of order to ensure that consumers get the best quality products          service.


The traditional profit model is "buy low and sell high.get profit." we break with tradition.adhering to the "puerile" serve as a           background we obtain a reasonable that customers get the benefits in terms of order to achieve genuine win.

3. Delivery Process

Jinda operational staff obliged to enable customers to fully understand the product model.brand.technical precautions to ensure that customers place orders before making the right choice by writing.interviews and other means. After placing orders.we will strictly comply with the provisions for the price and the order to provide timely and consistent quality            products in compact models during shipment.

4.after-sales service

Product quality problems.non-human damage.Customer Service Officer will be the first time for business acceptance; For replacement          products.the company will send the product to the customer as soon as possible.and then the quality of the product recall.returned to the      factory for replacement.

5.Service Line

400-113-8600 is the customer service provide you with technical advice.acceptance and other issues.Kam will solve your needs in    two business days.

Second.Return Policy

In order to "hurricane" of customers and agents to provide more confidence and more satisfied with the service.product quality problems:

1.please customers and agents safekeeping of goods purchase orders.invoices.accessories and packaging materials.if lost will not handle    return.

2.non-normal use and storage of goods led to quality problems are not entitled to return.

3.Returns first need to return the goods.after receiving the return for quality testing by the technical group.after the detection by the time of     your purchase price refund or replacement of goods.

4. If the VAT invoice is issued.customers must also refund of VAT invoices. If you can not provide the original VAT invoices.customers return the product tax price of 17% as a compensation fee.

5.depending on the product useless for.product selection product defects or improper use and the occurrence of improper claims.the            company does not assume any responsibility.

6.the product may have some special events in a one-time special items and other not enjoy the range of return.particularly        reflected in the quotation will be given and the contract.

7.return shipping costs involved in the process: In addition to product quality problems.the cost of and transport to the company arising shall be borne by the other party will.

Third.the Return Process

1.mail / return process mode of transport:

Submit application / review confirmation / return goods / registration detection / refund

2.mailing / transport warranty replacement process:

Submit application / review confirmation / return goods / registration detection / generation of new orders for replacement.warranty / agreed  time of delivery

3. Friendly reminder:

Before you return.please contact your salesman comes.the clerk will give you a submit "to return the application form was" returned invoices and related matters.